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what's so special about 'toe beans and fluffy tails'

Hello, and welcome to  "Toe Beans and Fluffy Tails"

I am passionate about helping dog owners provide the best possible care for their four-legged companions. That's why the plan is to offer a range of resources and information on everything from nutrition and exercise to training and general care.

When it comes to nutrition, we believe that the right food is essential for a healthy and happy dog. That's why we offer in-depth reviews of the latest dog food brands and products, as well as a wealth of information on home-cooked and raw diets. Whether you're looking for the best dry food for your senior dog or the best wet food for your picky eater, we've got you covered.

In addition to our articles and reviews, we also welcome questions and feedback from our readers. So if you have a question or just want to chat about all things dog, don't hesitate to reach out. We hope you find our blog helpful and informative, and we thank you for visiting!

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who am i

Hi, my name is Paulina. 

I am 25 and live in Hartlepool with my partner Jake and our two pups, Atlas and Odin. I am a full time Social Media Manager and a dog bakery owner (I own 'The Healthy Barkery')

For the past year, I've been documenting Atlas' and Odin's adventures on Instagram but I decided that I wanted to do something else - as a young dog owner I didn't know much about raising a pup (never mind two) so I want to share my journey, tips and with others who might be in a similar position as me

I know people will wonder why I am sharing tips on nutrition and behaviour with no background knowledge so thought I'd tell you a little bit more about myself.

I started The Healthy Barkery over a year ago with the aim to create healthy and nutritious baked goods for dogs. With that business taking off, I began learning and taking courses that could help me grow the business and provide my pups with the best diet possible. I have since completed and obtained a Level 4 certification in Pet Nutrition and Level 3 in Canine Nutrition

*I am in no means an expert, and what I share on here are my opinions and things I have learnt in the last year - I am however unable to provide you with a meal plan or advise you on what to feed your pup

Paulina x

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