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I always wanted two dogs - my partner and I both work from home and we wanted to make sure Atlas wasn’t lonely during the day when we were working 👩🏽‍💻

When Atlas was 11 months, I had a browse online for a golden retriever in our area and this one cutie caught my eye. We went to see him the same day and straight away we knew the environment he was in wasn’t suitable for a dog, never mind a puppy so without hesitation we took him home 🏡

Adjusting to a life with two pups wasn’t easy - Atlas was a little confused at the start and scared of little Odin. I felt super guilty. I just brought another puppy home, and Atlas was evidently not happy. I spent the next few days wondering whether I did the right thing and felt extremely guilty that I put Atlas in this situation. A few days have passed and Atlas still wasn't interested in playing or sharing any of his toys with Odin. That's when I started to think that we might have to give Odin up - which made me feel awful as we just got him and he was gettind used to us being his family

Surprisingly, I was working one day and saw them both playing tug of war together, followed by zoomies in the living room - at that moment I knew that Atlas has accepted him, and a few days later they were inseparable!

So many people told me I’m making a mistake getting another puppy so early, but I honestly think it helped Atlas to grow up quicker - he taught Odin the basics and told him off when he did things wrong 🤭 Now, the boys love eachother and throw a tantrum if they are ever seperated

If you are going through something similar, I promise you that things do get better - you just need to give it a little time

Until next time,

Paulina, Atlas and Odin 🐾 x

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