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I think it's only right to start the blog by introducing each of the boys, so...


Atlas is an 18 month old Sprocker Spaniel. We got him back in August 2021 and fell in love with him instantly. Growing up he was your typical puppy - loved biting everything and everyone - thought that biting your ankles was so much fun - but overall, he was a small bundle of joy that really helped me, when I was mentally struggling

Atlas grew up in a two bedroom apartment in Manchester, where our balcony overlooked the public dog park. He would spend hours on the balcony just watching the world go by. In August of this year, we decided to move to the seaside which was a big change for us all. Atlas no longer has a balcony however he has a big garden and a sea close by that he absolutely loves

Here's a few fun facts about Atlas:

  • he is ball obsessed - whether it's a chuckit ball, or a tennis ball - he has to have it

  • fish flavoured treats and food are his favourite

  • he is loving and gentle, but also energetic and sassy

  • he absolutely loves meeting new dogs and people

  • he barks every time someone knocks on our door and thinks every delivery is for him

  • although he is 17kg, he still believes he's a lap dog

  • he looks amazing in green

  • plush toys are a no no in this household as he rips them apart in minutes

  • he's obsessed with his little fur brother, Odin - they do everything together

  • walkies are his favourite part of the day

  • he loves playing tug of war with Odin and fetch with my partner and I

Hopefully by reading this post you have learnt something new about Atlas

Until next time.

Paulina, Atlas and Odin 🐾 x

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