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You have already met Atlas, so it's time to introduce our second pup...


Odin is a 10 month old Golden Retriever (well he's 70% Golden Retriever but I'll explain everything in another post). We picked him up on the 13th of May of this year and it was hands down the best decision we made

Getting Odin was stressful but also very impulsive. I was searching for local Golden Retriever puppies one day when I stumbled across an ad from his breeder - he was the only one left and was apparently brought back twice due to being more 'quiet and shy' than you'd expect a puppy to be. After a quick talk with Jacob (my partner), I went to see the pup. As soon as I arrived and knocked on the door I knew something was off. The breeder wouldn't let us inside to see the mum or their other dogs. He literally handed me Odin and demanded money on the spot. I took one look at him and knew he needed a better home - he was dirty, stinky and so scared. This was not the environment for a little puppy.

So I took him home. We introduced him to Atlas (who was 11 months at the time) and although the first few days were rough, they are now inseparable.

We also found out that the breeder gave us fake documentations containing a fake microchip and no vaccinations so we rang up and explained the whole situation to the vet who apparently contacted police as it was not the first time they were dealing with that particular breeder. After reading more into the area, we are 99% sure that Odin grew up as part of a gang that sold puppies for money.

The next few months after getting him were hard. He refused to pee on the grass or outside for a few months which meant we were constantly outside with him getting him used to the environment. He was scared of EVERYTHING - whether you moved too quickly or raised your voice he would flinch and run away from you. He was different to any other puppies I've had and was a lot of work but worth every second. I love him to bits and although we have made some progress, there's still a lot we need to get through

Anyway, to uplift the mood here are some fun facts about Odin:

  • Odin is treat motivated

  • he does tippy-taps while waiting for dinner

  • he is ALWAYS hungry

  • he looks amazing in blue

  • he loves soft and chew toys

  • he's a super fast learner

  • he has a sassy attitude and talks back

  • say the word 'no' and he starts doing zoomies

  • his favourite human is me, Paulina

  • he's obsessed with Atlas and cries if they're not together

  • he 💩’s every time he goes for a nosey to the garden

Until next time.

Paulina, Atlas and Odin 🐾 x

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